Sound Holidays
Make Us Happy!

Would you like to offer your guests or seminar participants a truly extraordinary experience? The ultimate in relaxation as pièce de résistance of their vacation or getaway?

Sound Bathing creates a sense of deep inner peace, allowing your guests to experience the relaxation they long for within in a very short period of time. The joy of simply being — the absolute calm and peace with oneself — is something your guests will never forget.

The joy of Sound Bathing has been described as:
–       An experience of ease and lightness
–       The mind goes quiet; the breath slows and deepens
–       A pleasant vibration envelops the body
–       The heartbeat slows and deep relaxation sets in
–       An inner space opens
–       Feeling at peace with oneself and at one with the universe
–       An overwhelming sense of calm and bliss
–       Rising with a relaxed smile

Sound Bathing is the new spa treatment! Book me for a Sound Weekend or Sound Week and give your guests an opportunity to experience the wonderful healing effects of a sound bath on body, mind and soul.

for your Guests

Sound Weekend

One 1-hour individual session in the Sound Cradle
Friday or Saturday (4 guests per day)


Two 2-hour “Sound and Relaxation” Group Experiences:
Friday and Saturday from 6 to 8 PM

To be provided by the hotel/seminar house:
1 comfortable room with a table or massage table for up to 150 kg
1 room in which 8 people can lie comfortably
8 thick yoga mats

Sound Week

An immersive Sound Week can be individually tailored for your hotel or seminar house and expanded to include additional content as desired.

Choose from a broad spectrum of interesting add-on experiences, offered in collaboration with therapists and coaches, such as “Sound and Hypnosis”, “Yoga and Sound”, “Sound and Nature Experience”, and “Breath, Voice, Sound”, to name but a few.

I can of course also accompany your own seminar program with Sound Cradle sessions and Sound Evening group experiences.

Let’s discuss your ideas and work together to create the perfect experience.


What makes a Sound Bath so special?

You might be asking yourself why I assert that Sound Bathing — relaxation through specific sounds — brings happiness. How can that work so quickly and easily?

A Sound Bath will of course not make someone happy forever after. Through feedback from my clients, however, I have learned that many of them experience a profound sense of inner peace they have long yearned for — a deep calm in their spirit.

The memory of this experience has helped many clients to return to this calm, peaceful state even during stressful moments in their everyday life. Our brain cannot discern between real and imagined experiences; therefore, the bodily reaction is identical whether experienced in the moment or remembered.

Sounds — particularly vibro-acoustic sounds — have such a powerful effect because they simultaneously impact three different levels:

Muscular level – relaxation through vibration

Nerve level – stimulation of deep and superficial sensitivity

Thought level – brain waves are slowed, allowing images of inner resources to emerge and new sources of strength to be discovered without special mental techniques

As promised in the song “Über den Wolken” (over the clouds), our worries and woes become small and insignificant when we are in a state of deeply relaxed consciousness.

Allow yourself to be surprised! I look forward to bathing you and/or your guests in sound!

Listen and Enjoy

Please be sure to listen to the first video with a good pair of headphones! Laptop or smart phone speakers will not reproduce the sound accurately.

Upcoming Sound Holiday Events

You would like to experience the effects of the Sound Cradle for yourself?
Register for one of these upcoming events directly through the organizer.

Music resonance-based self-care

Stress management and regeneration with music resonance for self-care and application in coaching and therapy.
Inspired by the spherical meditative and deeply touching sounds, overtones, and vocal improvisations, a harmonizing sound healing field is created, which can have a beneficial effect on all levels of the human system, thereby activating self-healing powers and stress resilience.

Retreat and training at Robinson Cala Serena/Mallorca, March 11th – 15th, 2025

Fee for retreat and training: 399 euros
Please book your own flight and accommodation!


Anke Wiesbrock

Psychotherapy Practitioner

Music Therapist since 1992
In private practice since 2000
Also practicing in a clinic since 2017

Married; mother of three children

I look forward to hearing from you!